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BE1 Environmental And Community
BE2 General Development Standards
BE3 Provision For Movement And
BE4 Open Space Within And Adjoining
BE5 Conservation Areas
BE5A Designation And Review Of Conservation Areas
BE6 Demolition In Conservation Areas
BE7 Alterations And Extensions To Listed Buildings
BE8 Development Affecting The Setting Of A Listed Building
BE9 Change Of Use Of A Listed Building
BE10 Conversion Of Unlisted Vernacular Buildings
BE11 Historic Parks And Gardens
BE12 Archaeological Monuments
BE13 Archaeological Assessments
BE14 Shop Fronts
BE15 Advertisements And Signs
BE16 Feature Illumination
BE17 Telecommunications
BE18 Pollution
BE19 Noise
BE20 Protection For Hazardous Substances, Installations And Airfields
BE21 Light Pollution
NE1 Safeguarding The Countryside
NE2 Countryside Around Witney And Carterton
NE3 Local Landscape Character
NE4 Cotswolds Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty
NE5 Oxford Green Belt
NE6 Retention Of Trees, Woodlands And Hedgerows
NE7 The Water Environment
NE8 Flood Risk
NE9 Surface Water
NE10 Water Resources
NE11 Water Quality
NE12 Renewable Energy
NE13 Biodiversity Conservation
NE14 Sites Of Nature Conservation Or Geological Importance
NE15 Protected Species

Transport & Movement

T1 Traffic Generation
T2 Pedestrian And Cycle Facilities
T3 Public Transport Infrastructure
T4 Major Highway Schemes
T5 Interchange Facilities
T6 Traffic Management
T7 Travel Plans
T8 New Off-street Public Car Parks


H1 Phasing
H2 General Residential Development Standards
H3 Range And Type Of Residential Accommodation
H4 Construction Of New Dwellings In The Countryside And In Small Villages
H5 Villages
H6 Medium-sized Villages
H7 Service Centres
H8 Sub-division Of Existing Dwellings
H9 Conversion Of Existing Buildings To Residential Use Within Villages And Towns
H10 Conversion Of Existing Buildings To Residential Use In The Countryside And Small Villages.
H11 Affordable Housing On Allocated And Previously Unidentified Sites
H12 Affordable Housing On Rural Exceptional Sites
H13 Gypsies
H14 Residential Mobile Homes
H15 Travelling Showpeople


E1 Employment Allocations
E2 New Employment Sites In Towns And Larger Villages (group C)
E3 Individual Premises
E4 Re-use Of Vernacular Buildings
E5 Re-use Of Non-vernacular Buildings
E6 Change Of Use Of Existing Employment Sites
E7 Existing Businesses

Town Centres & Shopping

SH1 New Retail Development
SH2 New Development In Town And Local Centres
SH3 Changes Of Use In Town Centres
SH4 Shopping- Facilities For The Local Community
SH5 Retention Of Local Shops And/or Post Offices
SH6 Retail Uses On Employment Sites
SH7 Farm Shops
SH8 Garden Centres

Tourism, Leisure & Community Facilities

TLC1 New Tourism, Leisure And Community Facilities
TLC2 Use Of Existing Buildings
TLC3 New Build Tourist Accommodation
TLC4 Touring Holiday Caravan And Camping Sites
TLC5 Existing Outdoor Recreational Space
TLC6 Provision Of Facilities In Relation To New Development
TLC7 Provision For Public Art
TLC8 Public Rights Of Way
TLC9 The Thames Path
TLC10 River Thames
TLC11 Lower Windrush Valley
TLC12 Protection Of Existing Community Services And Facilities


WIT1 Buttercross And Church Green
WIT2 High Street, Bridge Street And Staple Hall
WIT3 Windrush In Witney

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